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Engineering Sector

The engineering sector in the UK remains vibrant and dynamic, offering diverse career opportunities for skilled professionals across various disciplines.

Staying updated on industry trends, acquiring relevant skills, and networking with peers and industry professionals are essential for job seekers and employers in the evolving engineering landscape.

At Start People we work across many engineering sectors such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Environmental, Robotics and Manufacturing, including business producing FMCG products.

Some examples of roles we work on include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Design Engineer
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Process Improvement Engineer

We look to address concerns about skills shortages in certain areas, particularly in niche specialties.

As employers seek engineers with a combination of technical skills, practical experience, and soft skills such as communication and problem-solving, we strive to understand these requirements about each candidate we work with. This enables effective matching to the right role and employer.

We acknowledge that there is a growing recognition of the need to attract and retain talent from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups in engineering professions.